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Villatel Salse Bandung

From Rp. 440,000 / night
Free parking Pets not allowed Safe WiFi

VillaTel Salse is a small resort meant as a model for a larger resort with similar characters. The Restaurant (Warung Salse) opened on March 2014 while the whole resort will be open in December 2014. The resort consist of 8 villas and 20 rooms each with 2 bedrooms. VillaTel is a functional design space – functioned as a resort.


As a pilot model afor larger resorts, Salse is equipped with mini amphitheater placed above river streams, spa around the trees, and a restaurant named Warung Salse. At this concept restaurant, we provide innovative traditional food and drinks for every visitor to indulge, with helps from the splendid green ridge view. Far below, a valley with small river formed a zen-state peace with the sound of water dripping onto rocks.

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